Did you know that within the first 12 inches of the golf swing, 90% of the irregularities occur!

My name is Ron Groot and I am a teaching golf professional.

I am also a personal coach, personal coaching is possible while playing 9 or 18 holes.

After a career as an A, B and C tennis teacher, I coached at the highest level in the Netherlands, I retrained to golf. I liked the game so much that teaching golf was a logical step. I finished my education at PGA-Holland and at the World Golf Teachers Federation of The Netherlands.

My way of teaching is relaxed and friendly, but at the same time I strive to really help you move forward. A relaxed atmosphere is a pleasant basis for learning. Besides the prevention of injuries is essential. The lessons are adapted to your wishes and goals. Based on an intake during the first lesson, we make a plan together how you can have fun and play golf. Video recordings are used during the private lessons. Your stroke can be compared with that of the professionals. A picture worth a thousand words.

Everyone is happy when hitting a good shot! Golf lessons help you to have more fun playing golf. During the training the mental aspects are also discussed. Playing better is a combination of mental and technical skills along with good course management.

You can take group or private lessons!

Let me help you to enjoy the golf game more.